"The Hearth Bake Disks were developed specifically to impart hearth-baked characteristics to thin-crust pizza baked in air impingement ovens. Until these pans came along, the different oven companies had done a good job of finding the right setup to make a reasonably crispy thin-crust pizza, but two things were lacking:

First, the appearance was missing the random bubbled look, with charred spots on the bottom of the crust; second, there was still a bit to be desired with regard to crispiness.

The size for the holes in the Hearth Bake Disks are large enough to allow for some slight blistering and charring of the dough during baking, and the edge of the pan is designed without holes to protect the edge from excessive heat and airflow, which results in the formation of a "pizza bone" (the hard, almost inedible edge crust of an over baked pizza).

When combined with a dough formulation made without any sugar, or with a very low amount of sugar, the baking temperature in the air impingement ovens can be increased to as high as 500 F to get a true hearth-baked characteristic, which includes both the visuals and the flavor characteristics resulting from those charred spots on the bottom of the crust.

When used with the more recent, new generation of high-efficiency air impingement ovens, I've found that I can effectively reduce the baking times of thin-crust pizzas while at the same time getting a crispier pizza with good visual characteristics."