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Who owns PizzaTools? is a website owned and operated by Lloyd Industries, focused on selling pizza pans, disks and accessories to independent pizzerias and restaurants. Our companion site,, lists all of our products that include the baking and restaurant industries.
Do you sell wholesale?

We do offer wholesale pricing and credit accounts to qualified customers. Pricing is not necessarily different than what you find on this website. Shipping calculation is built into our shopping cart. Please contact us for more information.

You call your pans commercial quality baking pans, what does that mean?

Our pans are built from heavy gauge aluminum and are precision engineered to give professional and consistent baking results. We have been manufacturing cake pans and pizza pans for over 20 years and supply some of the largest pizza chains in the world. These are not like the pans you buy in a retail gourmet store and they are not in fancy or colorful packaging. They are the pans that professional pizzerias use every day.

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Why don't your pans have a brand name?

Lloyd Industries has been manufacturing commercial baking pans for over 20 years. During this time, we have manufactured pans for many well-known companies. We don't stamp our pans with a logo because our primary customer base consists of retail pizzerias and restaurants. Quite frankly, they don't care about a name in the pans. What they are concerned with is, "Do they bake well and hold up to abuse?" Our long history and company success clearly answers that question.


What is Pre-Seasoned Tuff-Kote (PSTK)?

Pre-Seasoned Tuff-Kote (PSTK) is our proprietary, metal utensil safe water based release bonded on a hard -anodized aluminum base. PSTK finished pans require no seasoning prior to first eliminating the need for the messy, smoky, time-consuming treatment process required for bare aluminum. PSTK eliminates the metallic taste of bare aluminum and inproves your food's flavor. The dark finish cooks hotter and can reduce the time and/or temperature required to get a finished product from your oven or achieve greater crispness and snap with your crust. Our pans are particularly suited for the type of high volume kitchens that necessitate the use of conveyor ovens. A great time-saver, PSTK products increase efficiency, profitability, and improve flavor.
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What is NSF?

NSF is the acronym commonly used for the National Sanitation Federation . A product that is NSF approved has met the stringent quality standards for sanitation in the workplace.

Before First Use

Do I need to oil my PSTK pans before I use them?

No seasoning is necessary. Variances in processes and ingredients in a dough recipe determine its stickiness. For this reason, results may vary from one restaurant to another where our products treated with Pre-Seasoned Tuff-Kote (PSTK) are used.

Some dough recipes need more oil than others to keep pizzas from sticking to the pan when baked. We encourage experimentation with pans and disks treated with PSTK.

Before your first use, wipe the disk with a light coat of oil; the PSTK may provide all the release necessary . If sticking occurs, use a small amount of a canola-based seasoning until the desired results are obtained.

Due to the wide variety of dough processes that exist within the pizza industry, we cannot guarantee that pans or disks treated with PSTK will not need some oiling between bakes. Similarly, for those who initially discover that no oiling is necessary due to good release, we cannot guarantee the number of baking and washing cycles PSTK will provide before some oil may be necessary.

Pre-Seasoning Bare Aluminum:

It is highly recommended you use PSTK pans. They will simply be easier to use and clean and they leave no metallic taste. However, in order to prevent sticking issues with bare aluminum equipment, you must season it. Following is the recommended process for seasoning bare aluminum:

  • Wash in hot, sudsy water
  • Rinse, dry well
  • Coat lightly with a Canola-based spray and polish the oil on with a paper towel or rag.
    (Important: Do not use soy products as these contribute to sticking.)
  • Run products through a 400°-475°F oven for approximately 5 minutes.
  • Cool to room temperature.
  • Repeat multiple times until a seasoning coat is obtained and testing produces the results sought after.

Using Pans from PizzaTools

With simple care, your PSTK finished disks and pans should perform for a long time.
  • Use minimal or no oil unless your recipe needs this for flavor or other characteristics.
  • Metal utensil safe.
  • Built for conveyor, deck ovens and other commercial ovens with high heat.
  • Wipe clean after every use with a dry towel.
I have a deck oven. What are my options for pans?
If you need to use a baking platform in your deck oven, we recommend our Hex Quik-Disks with no rim for thin to medium crust products. The 50% open area would provide the greatest amount of exposure of heat to the bottom of the crust and fit tight to the oven deck. For deep dish style pizzas many of our pans are good choices.


How do I wash PSTK pans and disks?

Wash in hot water with a mild liquid detergent and dry well with a clean towel. Do not use abrasive cleansers or pads, steel wool, or oven cleaners.

Are PSTK pans dishwasher safe

No. Most detergents contain caustic ingredients which will reduce performance over time.

How do you clean bare aluminum and stainless steel pans?

To clean bare aluminum or stainless steel pans, such as baking sheets and pans, use a fine powder cleanser such as "Bar Keepers Friend", "Wenol", or "Bon Ami" --available from most stores. Each works equally well. To use, form into a paste with water and apply using a soft cloth rubbing the paste in a circular motion over the whole surface. Wash again in hot soapy water, and dry Nylon non-abrasive scrubbing pads are safe to use.

This is not recommended for anodized and non-stick pans.



What if something sticks to the pan?

If food becomes stuck to treated pans, simply soak in hot water with mild detergent and then rub with a fabric-type non-abrasive nylon scrubber. A paste of baking soda and water on a cloth will remove more stubborn stains and films from the pan. Do not use a metal scouring pad or brush as this can harm the coating. Oiling prior to the next bake is recommended.

My pizzas are sticking to the pans. What can I do?

Equipment finished with our Pre-Seasoned Tuff-Kote does not need to be seasoned prior to first use. In the unlikely event that some sticking occurs, clean the pan and coat the product lightly with a canola-based spray, such as Pam.

My pizzas are turning out overdone.

Depending on what you were baking on before, you may need to reduce your bake time and/or temperature. Dark finish pans and disks cook hotter than bare aluminum and adjustments to oven settings may be needed.


Which are better, screens or Quik-Disks?

The Quik-Disk is far superior to a screen. With a Lloyd Industries Quik-Disk, you get the best of both worlds - the cooking action of a screen, without the accompanying headaches.

  • With Quik-Disks, food doesn't clog the holes--which in turn inhibits airflow.
  • Health Departments love Quik-Disks because they're NSF approved --screens are not.
  • Quik-Disks are very easy to keep clean.
  • Quik-Disks are built to last, eliminating continual replacement costs - screens are not, a choice for screens is a choice to replace them often.

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Which Quik-Disk should I use?

This depends on what kind of oven you have and what type of pizza you are trying to bake.

Our Quik-Disk QD40F is the standard replacement to screens.

If more airflow exposure is needed, our Hex Quik-Disks offer 50% airflow.

The Hearth Bake Disk is a specialty item that replicates the baking characteristics of hearth ovens using high efficiency impingement ovens. We have many other styles and if you need something specific, contact sales.

More information on Quik-Disks

What is the ideal air-to-surface ratio?

The greater the air-to-surface ratio in a given perforation pattern, the faster the bake. For crust that is designed to be thin and crispy, a 40% air - to 60% surface ratio is ideal. Our Quik-Disks with a 40% perforation pattern most closely replicate the cooking action of a screen. Hex Quik-Disks have a 50% perforation pattern.


Pizza Pans

What is the difference between stacking and nesting pans?

Both styles of pans are designed to hold dough that is proofing (rising).

The stacking pan is available in a 2.25" depth, while the nesting pan is offered in both 1.5" and 2" depths. Stacking pans fit together in a way that eliminates the need for separator disks or lids between them. The dough from one pan will not come into contact with the dough from another pan while stacked during the proofing process. Nesting pans require separator disks or lids during the proofing process in order to keep the dough from one pan from coming into contact with the dough from another when stacked. While stacking pans can be stacked dozens high, nesting pans take up less storage space when empty. Compare...

Nesting Pans | Stacking Pans

What is the difference between separator disks and lids?

Both Nesting Pan Lids and Separator Disks are designed for use with our Nesting Pans. Their function is to keep dough that is proofing in one nesting pan from coming into contact with dough that is proofing in another nesting pan when stacked.

Disks are less than half the price of Lids, and should be purchased 1" - 2" larger than their corresponding Nesting Pans. The choice for Disks that are 1" larger than their corresponding Nesting Pans is likely an available space issue, since Disks that are 2" larger than their corresponding Nesting Pans offer more stability for the possibility of shifting when stacked with proofing dough. Separator Lids, while significantly more expensive than Disks, offer far more stability when stacked. More durable than Disks, the Separator Lids feature a pie rim that prevents warping and bending. Separator Lids should be purchased in the same diameter as their corresponding Nesting Pans.

Nesting Pan Lids | Separator Disks

Why are some pans perforated?

Perforated pans are designed to cook pizzas quickly, reducing the amount of time spent in the oven. They offer consistent, uniform heat conduction for a thicker crust with a snap to it. Solid pans are perfect for pan pizza crusts that are thick or have oil added to the pan for crisping.

Why would I use a cutter pan?

A Cutter Pan is designed to allow for both the rolling and trimming of the dough while in the pan. More information...

Cutter Pans | Perforated Cutter Pans

Dough Tools and Accessories

What is a dough docker?

This is a tool that is used to reduce bubbles in the dough when cooking. After the pizza dough is rolled out, the dough docker is run over the dough pinching it together and creating little pockets. This will reduce blistering by limiting where the air might collect. We have 2 types of Dough Dockers.

Why "rivetless" peels?

Customers appreciate our design that does not have any rivets. They have equal strength and there is nothing to get caught or snag on oven parts when scooping under pizza. We have 3 handle lengths and 2 paddle sizes of Rivetless Peels.



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Over the last 20 years we have implemented a lean manufacturing philosophy that saves energy and labor costs while reducing our factory time to produce a product. By adding a Green initiative we are not only efficient but have an eco-friendly factory that produces the greenest products possible.

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