Factory in Spokane, Washington

From sales to product design, production to shipping, PizzaTools relies on the precision and accuracy of digital solutions and equipment. Our products are designed on CAD systems and a majority of our production is controlled and operated by digital systems. Customers benefit from the accuracy and repeatability of these systems creating quality products on a consistant basis.

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Anodizing Line Anodizing Line Lloyd Plant and Warehouse

Trumpf Laser Punch Laser Punch Laser Punch



Over the last 10 years we have implemented a lean manufacturing philosophy that saves energy and labor costs while reducing our factory time to produce a product. By adding a Green initiative we are not only efficient but have an eco-friendly factory that produces the greenest products possible.


The PizzaTools Advantage

  • Eco-Friendly, Proprietary Release Coatings
  • Products Engineered for Performance,
    Built to Last
  • Responsive, Professional
    Customer Service
  • Quantity Discounts
  • Large Selection of Standard Products
  • Custom Products by Inhouse Engineers
  • Made in the USA: Products and Coatings

About PizzaTools

PizzaTools.com is a website that is owned by Lloyd Industries, manufacturers of commercial baking solutions for the pizza, baking and restaurant industries. PizzaTools.com, live since 1999, is focused on selling pizza pans, disks and accessories to independent pizzerias and restaurants.

All of our pans are manufactured in our plant in Spokane, WA including metal forming and spinning, hard coat anodizing and PSTK finishing.

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PizzaTools is changing...

We are in the middle of changing our ecommerce platform and will re-launch PizzaTools.com in the near future.

In the meantime, you can order the same products at our parent website, LloydPans.com.
Same products and pricing.

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