Unique Eco-Friendly Coatings

Precision Engineered Baking Platform

Eco-Friendly ManufacturingEco-Friendly Manufacturing

Lloyd Industries is the only US manufacturer in the cookware industry to have developed a water-based, easy-release coating system. In-house anodizing also demonstrates a comprehensive, pro-active approach to responsible manufacturing.

Quality construction, eco- and cooking-friendly water-based non stick coatings and type III hard coat anodizing combine to create our industry-leading Precision Engineered Baking Platform.

Tough Field-Tested Pans

Lloyd Pans are formed using a proprietary process and exceptional grade metals, resistant to warping, denting and scratching even under the toughest conditions. We are confident that our pans are the most durable products available.

Hardcoat Anodizing Pans Type III Anodizing

This in-house process fuses a ceramic-like hard shell directly into our bake ware, producing a surface that meets NASA specifications for heat shield components on the space shuttle.
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Eco-Friendly Release Coating on Non-Stick Pans

Years in development, our proprietary water-based, non-stick coatings outperform and outlast any other cookware finish with little or no special seasoning or handling, at temperatures up to 525 degrees Fahrenheit. Our products are 100% PTFE -free.
Hardcoat Anodize Illustration Click on the graphic at right to see the details.

  • Maintains the integrity of foods with the ease of non-stick baking pans
  • Preserves delicate flavors and improves taste
  • Minimal oiling or seasoning
  • Non Stick Coating keeps integrity and is safe up to 525° Fahrenheit
  • Pans clean easily and thoroughly

Compare other popular coatings on aluminum pans

  Lloyd Pans Bare Aluminum Glazed PTFE
Oiling Minimal Required Minimal Minimal
Baking Cycles 2000+ Life of Pan 300 1000+
Pollutants None:
97% water
None 97% Solvent 97% Solvent
Contaminants None Bitter After Taste Flaking Into Food Flaking Into food
Metal Utensils Safe No No No
Recycle Yes Yes Yes Impractical
Recoatable Yes NA Yes No


The PizzaTools Advantage

  • Eco-Friendly, Proprietary Release Coatings
  • Products Engineered for Performance,
    Built to Last
  • Responsive, Professional
    Customer Service
  • Quantity Discounts
  • Large Selection of Standard Products
  • Custom Products by Inhouse Engineers
  • Made in the USA: Products and Coatings

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All of our pans are manufactured in our plant in Spokane, WA including metal forming and spinning, hard coat anodizing and PSTK finishing.

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