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"Our company was founded on the simple premise of providing
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Company is a website that is owned by Lloyd Industries, manufacturers of commercial baking solutions for the pizza, baking and restaurant industries., live since 1999, is focused on selling pizza pans, disks and accessories to independent pizzerias and restaurants.

All of our pans are manufactured in our plant in Spokane, WA including metal forming and spinning, hard coat anodizing and PSTK finishing.

Building the Best Pizza Pans & Accessories, Bakeware and Cookware

Commitment to Engineering for Excellence: Our products are engineered for performance and built to last. If something doesn't work, we will fix it or we won't sell it.

Customer-based innovation: We listen to our customers, and develop our products according to their needs and standards.

Creating the foundation of better life through better food: Food cooked in our pans will retain the integrity of the chef's intentions. Our pans add no toxins, chemicals or other foreign substances. Lloyd Industries' pans make better food.

Commitment to Our Customers

Customer Service: Our goal is to meet or exceed every customer's expectations through careful listening, attention to detail, sensitivity to needs and fulfillment of promises made. Our best ambassadors are our current customers.

Ongoing Innovation: We will always seek to improve our products and services through evaluation and continuous improvement methods. Ideas and innovations are proactively solicited from all our stakeholders, customers to engineers.

Product Value: Lloyd Pans are manufactured to meet the demands of service in commercial conditions. We strive to offer only the safest, most environmentally friendly, most useful and most reliable pans available. We will never compromise on quality or value to our customers.



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