Rectangle Quik-Disks

A Better Way To Bake Pizza
  • 18-gauge (.040") aluminum
  • Quickly pays for itself
  • Durable: performs long after you have
    thrown your screens away
  • No black crust to close holes and inhibit airflow
  • Health departments approve of them
  • Designed for thin crust
  • QDF40 features a flat rim for strength and aids in getting peels under

Why are Quik-Disks Better
the screens ?
Why are Quik-Disks better?

What is PSTK?
What is PSTK?

NSF Approved


Rectangle Quik-Disk

SKU HolesWidthLength  
QDF40-06X06 10066
QDF40-08X08 19688
QDF40-10X10 3241010
QDF40-12X12 4841212
QDF40-12X24 10121224
QDF40-14X14 6761414
QDF40-16X16 9001616
QDF40-18X18 11561818
QDF40-20X20 14442020

Rectangle Quik-Disk - Pre Seasoned Tuff-Kote

SKU WidthHolesLength  
QDF40-06X06-PSTK 61006
QDF40-08X08-PSTK 81968
QDF40-10X10-PSTK 10.00032410.000
QDF40-12X12-PSTK 1248412
QDF40-12X24-PSTK 12101224
QDF40-14X14-PSTK 1467614
QDF40-16X16-PSTK 1690016
QDF40-18X18-PSTK 18115618
QDF40-20X20-PSTK 20144420

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