Separator disks

Designed To Work with Nesting Pans

  • 18-gauge aluminum
  • Duable and Dishwasher Safe

NOTE: Buy separators 1-2" larger than
the corresponding pan

Compare with Nesting Pan Lids

Separator Lids

Separator Disks

SKU Diameter  
XSD-11 10.875
XSD-12 11.875
XSD-13 12.875
XSD-14 13.875
XSD-15 14.875
XSD-16 15.875
XSD-17 16.875
XSD-18 17.875
XSD-19 18.875
XSD-20 19.875
XSD-07 6.875
XSD-08 7.875
XSD-09 8.875
XSD-10 9.875

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