Rivetless Peels

For Pizza and Bread Ovens

  • One-piece, 14 gauge (.063") aluminum
  • Hardwood handle in 3 lengths
  • No rivets to snag gear
  • Beveled front edge for easy removal of pizzas from oven

No-snag design saves wear and tear on your peel, conveyor and wrist!

Rivetless Peels

SKU Paddle WidthHandle LengthPaddle Length  
RPEEL-12-LWH 122113
RPEEL-12-SWH 121113
RPEEL-12-XWH 124913
RPEEL-14-LWH 142115
RPEEL-14-SWH 141115
RPEEL-14-XWH 144915
RPEEL-16-LWH 162116
RPEEL-16-SWH 161116

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