Nesting Pan Lids

Durable and Dishwasher Safe

  • 18-gauge aluminum
  • Designed to work with nesting pans
  • Rim keeps pans from sliding
  • Pie rim prevents warping

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SKU Fits Pan SizeInside DiamOutside Diam  
XSEP-10 109.7511.25
XSEP-11 1110.7512.25
XSEP-12 1211.7513.25
XSEP-13 1312.7514.25
XSEP-14 1413.7515.25
XSEP-15 1514.7516.25
XSEP-16 1615.7517.25
XSEP-18 1817.7519.25
XSEP-06 65.757.25
XSEP-07 76.758.25
XSEP-08 87.759.25
XSEP-09 98.7510.25

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