Perforated Cutter Pans

Holes Give a Snap to the Crust

  • 63-degree angle
  • What is PSTK?
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    .750" deep
  • Heavy 14-gauge (.063") aluminum
  • Cooks pizza quickly
  • Even hole pattern designed for thicker crusts
  • Consistent, uniform heat conduction
  • Gives a snap to the crust

Perforated Cutter Pan

Anodized PSTK

Perforated Cutter Pan

Bare Aluminum

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How does a cutter pan work?

Click Here for a Printable Instruction Sheet on the PSTK finish

Cutter Pans Perforated

SKU DepthBottom DiamHolesTop Diam  
H63N20-06X.75 0.755.25366
H63N20-07X.75 0.756.25607
H63N20-08X.75 0.757.25608
H63N20-09X.75 0.758.25909
H63N20-10X.75 0.759.2512610
H63N20-11X.75 0.7510.2516811
H63N20-12X.75 0.7511.2516812
H63N20-13X.75 0.7512.2521613
H63N20-14X.75 0.7513.2527014
H63N20-15X.75 0.7514.2533015
H63N20-16X.75 0.7515.2533016
H63N20-18X.75 0.7517.2546818

Cutter Pans Perforated - (PSTK)

SKU DepthBottom DiamHolesTop Diam  
H63N20-06X.75-PSTK 0.755.25366
H63N20-07X.75-PSTK 0.756.25607
H63N20-08X.75-PSTK 0.757.25608
H63N20-09X.75-PSTK 0.758.25909
H63N20-10X.75-PSTK 0.759.2512610
H63N20-11X.75-PSTK 0.7510.2516811
H63N20-12X.75-PSTK 0.7511.2516812
H63N20-13X.75-PSTK 0.7512.2521613
H63N20-14X.75-PSTK 0.7513.2527014
H63N20-15X.75-PSTK 0.7514.2533015
H63N20-16X.75-PSTK 0.7515.2533016
H63N20-18X.75-PSTK 0.7517.2546818

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