All Steel Rocker Knife

The finest rocker knife of it's kind!
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    a rocker knife?
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    304 Stainless steel
  • Safe ergonomic handles
  • Dishwasher safe with no crevices
  • Durable: designed to last a lifetime
  • Lightweight

The rocker knife that features a firm grip for safe operation, keeping hands and fingers away from cutting surface. Stainless steel construction means light weight durability and there are no crevices to trap food for dishwasher convenience. The best rocker knife you can buy!

Jumbo Rocker Knife

All Steel Rocker Knife top view

Small rocker knife

Sandwich Cutter

The small version of our All Steel Rocker Knife is the perfect sandwich cutter or other kitchen chopping.


All Steel Rocker Knives

SKU ItemBlade Length  
SRKFH2-18 All Steel Rocker Knife18
SRKFH2-20 All Steel Rocker Knife20
SRKFH2-22 All Steel Rocker Knife22
SRKFH2-6 All Steel Rocker Knife Sandwich Cutter6

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